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Kupipakva Rasayana
Kupipakva Rasayana is available in pure and natural form to provide the best results! It is widely used in rejuvenation therapy and for treating critical illnesses. 
Kharaliya Rasayan & Gutika
Kharaliya Rasayan & Gutika is prepared by blending Sulphur and mercury together to provide the best results. It is a herbal drug used for treating indigestion, Dyspepsia, hyperacidity, etc. 
Precious Bhasma
Precious Bhasma is capable of binding with mercury as therapeutic agents. It stabilizes the body and minimizes the ageing process with unmatched compositions. 
Swarn Yog
Swarn Yog is one of the precious Ayurvedic therapeutic products having gold as the major contents. It has rejuvenating & aphrodisiac properties ensuring to promote intellectual memory. 
Parpati is prepared by mixing the Mercury with sulphur. It is available in pure form to provide the best solution of killing the bacteria.
Guggul Yog
Guggul Yog is widely used for treating arthritis as well as lowering high cholesterol. It contains a bioactive component with antibacterial as well as anti-inflammatory properties.
Lauh & Mandur
Lauh & Mandur are the preparations having purified mandoor with other drugs. This is mixed with another preparation to enhance the sustained action in the system.
Bhasma & Pishtee
Bhasma & Pishtee is widely used in the treatment of chronic asthama and phthisis. It is an ayurvedic mineral formulation prepared from rare and purest source of Calcium.
Immunity Booster Products
Safe and trusted Immunity Booster Products for enhancing the immunity level of the body without providing any side-effects. They are available in safe composition to provide the best results.
Asav Arishta
Asava and Arishta are ayurvedic preparations prepared using herbal extracts to provide the best results. It is soluble in water as well as alcohol. 
This variety of Churna comes with antioxidants and Vitamin C to provide the best remedy for improving the immune system and protecting the body against various microbial invasions.
Avaleha is a semi-solid preparation of medicines or drugs. It is used with jaggery or sugar with prescribed juices or decoction.